About Jane Dolan

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Hi, I’m Jane. I’m a professional organizer and designer. There’s so much I can't wait to share with you about creating a home that’s a joy to live in.

Some people are born organizers – but not me. I was raised in a home where the chaos and mess were so severe I couldn’t even imagine inviting friends over. Growing up there involved spending a lot of time deciding that when I was finally on my own, I’d make sure to “have it all together.”

That… wasn’t exactly easy. It turns out that the learning process (and the unlearning process!) was going to take a while. But, like anything in life, when you stick to your mission, you can make anything happen.

And I did. I’ve spent more than 20 years helping people with design and organization projects – from fixing up apartments in the heart of Paris, to cabins in the redwood forests of Northern California, and everything in between.

So, yes – I’m a professional organizer and designer… but what I really am is your best friend in the “take back your space” department.

Because when you take your space back, you take your life back.

Marie Kondo + Me

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I’ve been an organizer and designer for two decades. For years, I organized the "standard" way – closet by closet, room by room. But the normal way didn’t work for so many people. I loved the work, but I was always searching for a better way to help clients achieve a space they truly loved. 

And one day, I found it.

I remember the day I first discovered Marie Kondo and her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I was so excited I (literally) couldn’t sleep.

Her unique system for organization and decluttering (called the KonMari Method™) revolutionized the way I approached work with my clients. Suddenly, the hardest parts of getting (and staying!) organized became easy. Fun. Joyous. 

I started working with my own clients using the KonMari Method™. Results happened faster and more easily as I helped them learn the key principles of effortless organization. We decluttered, and it was easy. We took back their spaces. We created homes that truly, as Marie puts it, “sparked joy.”

Eventually I was able to meet with Marie Kondo in person. I asked her (or, more accurately, her translator!) if I could travel to Japan and study with her one-on-one. She did me one better. I was invited to join the first U.S. group of organizing consultants trained personally by Marie. And I'm proud to say that I'm now a Certified KonMari Consultant.


This amazing book has sold over 8 million copies worldwide, because the title tells the truth: When you learn how to truly organize your space, your life really does change.

This is my mission – to help you have a life you never thought possible, through the power of spaces that support you and uplift you every single day. You can have this, too, and sooner than you think.

Why work with me? Two reasons.

First, I get that you may not be a natural organizer. (Like I said, I sure wasn’t.) So I’ll be able to work with you from a place of understanding, compassion and non-judgement. Most people don’t reach out for help because they’re afraid of someone seeing the state of their space… and I get it.

I get that the creative mind is a messy mind. Your best qualities – creativity, resourcefulness and the ability to make things happen – don’t always come hand-in-hand with an intuitive sense of how to manage it all. But with the right person stepping you through the process, you’ll be amazed how “organized” you become, without feeling like it’s work. It will truly feel like fun – and you will be freed up to do what you love most on a larger scale.

Second, I believe that your home already has all the ingredients for joy – it’s already full of meaningful possessions that bring you happiness, and represent who you are and what you want out of your life. Right now, they’re just getting lost or covered up by everything else. Once your space is set to rights, the best parts of you and your personality will be visible throughout your home, sparking joy every time you turn a corner.

I’ll bring my experience to you. I’ll help you unlock the possibilities of your space, find creative uses for what you have, and “shop in your own closet” so you can create a space that takes your breath away.

Why I Want To Help You
Take Back Your Space

Like I said earlier, when you take your space back, you take your life back. 

All the things you tell yourself you can’t do until “later” start becoming possible NOW.

We don’t realize just how much impact our personal spaces have on our attitude, our outlook on life, and our energy and motivation. When your home or office is filled with clutter, or it’s too difficult to maintain, it holds you back from so much.

The organizing world is undergoing a fundamental shift right now. People are beginning to experience for themselves how their life can completely transform once the tyranny of clutter is gone and everything around them is beautiful, functional, and inspiring.

That’s what I want for you. 

I want you to wake up every day freed from the mental and emotional drain of clutter. I want all that energy to be free to be channeled into creating and living the life you always told yourself you’d live.

You have no idea what an amazing space you can have. 

But I do. And I’d love to help you make it happen

How We Can Work Together

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Working together is simple and easy – I come to you and get to know what your space is like, and what your hopes and dreams are for it. Then, together, we go through a simple and straightforward process of getting you there, step-by-step.

It all starts with a (no-cost) initial consult call, where we talk for a few minutes on the phone and get to know each other. It’s relaxed, fun, and there’s no pressure – just a simple call to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

You can click the button below to schedule that right now – or find out more about the 3-step process of working together by clicking here.

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Remember – you don’t have to wait for “one day” for things to start getting better – you can begin taking back your space today. It’s closer than you think!

Schedule your (free) "Hope & Relief Call"

Taking your space back doesn't have to be as hard as you think!

I know how to make it much easier than it’s ever been in the past to organize your space, and I’d love to chat with you and see we'd be a good fit. Schedule a quick “hope and relief” call to talk about your space and I can start making the overwhelm go away right now.