Firewood and fires

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How is it even possible my daughter was born almost 31 years ago? Her birthday is really November 26th, but she was born on Thanksgiving night. 

Been thinking about her as a newborn, when she was my entire life. missing that singleness of purpose. From where I am now sitting, I long for that pure simpleness. No need to ask if anything sparks joy. It all does in hindsight…

These photos were from one week ago. Firewood and smoke from unwanted fires. California is forever changed, maybe. 

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A flower grow from the dirt, a lotus grows from the mud

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Amaryllis Belladonna :: Naked Ladies

These flowers remind me a bit of the Lotus temperament—grows in seemingly harsh environment—and produces a thing of beauty.

I took the photo almost a month ago, driving away from cabin. The over six mile drive from main road is all dirt. Dust galore by end of summer.

I hereby claim the Amaryllis Belladonna as my spirit plant, supporting the Phoenix rising of the cabin.

My truck is filled with more priming and painting supplies. Back at it tomorrow. Did I mention I have been driving approximately 1,000 miles a week? Slight exaggeration, but still . . . nutty!

Jane Diaries 

My Hangers Do Not Match, Yet

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Finally have come up with a solution for Calistoga room. I make my room the closet, and closet becomes my stuff room.

Of course I have an extra wardrobe Metro rack. It holds all my clothes (except what’s in drawers :-) — any more feels like a burden.

Maybe we can have peak in my closet tomorrow —it’s packed with stuff I don’t want to see.

I prefer minimal rooms and big closets to hold stuff that normally is displayed in rooms. Helps with my overwhelm.

Thank you!

Jane Diaries 

Taking the Scatter-Shot Approach

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Sometimes the only way I can approach a project is to jump all over the place. I know the best is to work from top to bottom, left to right, but rarely can I stick with a system (at least for my own projects!)—I aggravate myself, for sure!

At the end of the day, maybe the same amount of work is completed, maybe . . .

At the end of today, the cabin was so much cleaner — amazing what hot water and bleach & ammonia can accomplish. I won’t win any environmental awards.

AND priming began—with brush and roller! I usually only like to use a brush, nutty for sure—but there is too much surface to only use a brush in the cabin, even for me!

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Home Depot + Costco Run

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One of my favorite things to do is return items I don’t really need. I had a couple of BIG galvanized garbage cans I was using for storage—got a permanent place for those things now.

Have you noticed how much better return policies are now?

If you told me years ago that I would eventually appreciate Big Box Stores, I would have argued. Oh well.

Costco carries a ton of organic products. I went in with a list and stuck to it.

Almost midnight here! Getting up early and heading to Cabin for more clean-up.

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Kind of a Cheat

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 6.06.07 PM.png

A photo from IKEA yesterday. I did run-of-the mill things today. That’s not exactly true—I did a couple of big things, which I’ll have to tell you about later. Nothing caught my eye to photograph today.

One of better work table ideas is to use the Finnvard trestle bases from IKEA and the biggest top that will work. The table tops are light-weight which would give me the flexibility of easily dismantling the table when I don’t need. . . my room is not big enough to keep a work table permanently up. But when you need a big surface, you need a big surface.

Jane Diaries 

IKEA Returns

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 6.09.56 PM.png

Does anyone else procrastinate IKEA returns, or don’t even bother? Thought so . . .

Made a mistake and went there hungry. Succumbed to the Swedish Meatball Plate. Once is more than enough.

Doing homework for my new workspace—debating between IKEAs Skadis Pegboard and regular hardware store pegboard. Leaning towards pre-finished IKEA choice.

Happy to have not bought anything, other than lunch experiment.

Jane Diaries 

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Time to Enlist my Accountability Buddies

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All the unexpected projects took me off course. Or maybe put me on course 🤔. I know my organizing business has suffered. I will ask my accountability friends to help. At least get one thing done.

I didn’t take any photos which could possibly show how gorgeous the home (for sale) in St. Helena is . . . this is a detail from the master bedroom suite. Asking price for home is 4.5 million. Worth every penny! Ha!

Jane Diaries 

First night staying in Noyo Canyon

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 7.47.51 PM.png

8:08 pm and tiny bit of light left.

First night staying in Noyo Canyon, at a friend’s cozy cabin with warm water and electricity. I am trying not to turn lights on. What would it be like to go to bed this early?

Started phase two of cleaning the inside of cabin. After I made sure to have plenty of provisions. I am a new convert to Costco — grass fed beef jerky, coconut chips with seeds, bottled Starbucks mocha — I am not going to be picky about how I get my caffeine without a stove.

Will see how the scaffolding works to clean those high places. Maybe, fingers crossed, cleaning will do the trick and it won’t be necessary to repaint the rafters and ceiling.

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