Time for my own KonMari Tidying Festival again.

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“The Less I needed, the Better I Felt” -Charles Bukowski

Time for my own KonMari Tidying Festival again.

My stuff is driving me nuts. There’s too much of it. I won’t be able to put it away properly until I go through my categories, in order.

As much as I would love to believe one only has to KonMari one’s house one time. That isn’t always the case, life circumstances change due to a move, travel, or whatever and things can go haywire. (Maybe that’s just me). Prepare and recharge for the new year.

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Marie Kondo is coming to Netflix!

As you know, I love the KonMari Method of organizing, and was a very early adopter of it! I love using it with clients that more traditional organization methods haven’t historically worked for.

Marie Kondo sparked a worldwide movement, and now we get to watch her work through her method with real people.

The trailer just came out, and I can’t wait to binge watch the series when it releases on January 1st - perfect for an inspiring start to the new year.

Be sure to watch the trailer above.

And if it inspires you to start getting your house in order be sure to get in touch!

Date Night, Solo

[this photo goes with yesterday’s entry — a different lifetime in NY]

[this photo goes with yesterday’s entry — a different lifetime in NY]

I took myself out on a date: movie and dinner. Wasn’t planning on dinner but the film was Japanese and there were noodles . . .

I wish I could recommend “Never-ending man: Hayao Miyazaki” — what happens when the director and animator Miyazaki attempts to retire in his early 70’s. It’s a story worth telling, but the director of his story was lost.

Jane Diaries 

Unfortunately an organized home still requires upkeep.

[photo at David Ireland’s house on Capp in San Francisco]

[photo at David Ireland’s house on Capp in San Francisco]

Alarm set for 5:30am tomorrow. Have a big drive for big job. This client and I have not tidied for almost six months. She told me she hasn’t done anything on her own, in my absence.

I believe her. (This isn’t uncommon, and in no way makes you a failure!) And then of course life makes for a messy home!

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Tackling the Komono Category (Miscellaneous)

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Sometimes you can’t complete the KonMari process before you move. Which is a bummer. You have to move hundreds of pounds of stuff you never ever will use, up how many flights of stairs? Ouch.

But you know that’s how it goes. You can do only so much.

But moving can also be an excellent opportunity to go through the KonMari process. It can be motivation to go through your miscellaneous items and get to make a choice. Cherish and keep. Or thank and release items to a new home. A place they will be cherished.

Then your life is going to get a heck of a lot better.

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Organizing time

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I needed a part-time job to help me organize my time, and to be around creative people. I realized how much I talk out loud to myself and it’s creeping me out. Plus, it’s amazing how limits can help you organize.

Mission Accomplished! I’m excited to start!

Realistically, I can only do a few organizing jobs a week as it takes super power energy and focus. Learning a new job has been been a huge challenge (as if there are tiny challenges:-).

But today I had fun. Milestone.

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Paper is my least favorite organizing category.

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Paper is my least favorite category. It’s one of reasons I have a post office box. I pick up my mail every couple of weeks. Sort it at the post office, and most of mail stays at the Post Office recycle bin.

I stopped by to pick up my mail today and was surprised to find out it is a National Holiday, a National Day of Mourning. And so, the Post Office was closed. Where have I been? I had no clue such a Day existed.

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Sunday evening plans

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I worked today. This morning, I had high hopes that I would have energy for a project after work. But that was a pipe dream. Now, the fantasy is to go to bed early and do things in morning, before work tomorrow. I am an efficient day dreamer.

One of the projects is to paint wall/hooks in the photo above. I primed my walls months ago but haven’t gotten around to painting yet. And I want to stain the concrete floor.

My job doesn’t start until noon. No excuse tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

Jane Diaries 

Lots sparked joy at the Saint Helena holiday bazaar.

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There was A LOT that sparked joy at the Saint Helena holiday bazaar.
I especially loved the super high barn ceiling!

What a difference in the quality of stuff when the patrons have $$$. Is it fair? I don’t know—it’s the way the world rolls. I hope the makers are making a ton of money! All the work involved in the making the stuff, packaging, marketing, let alone all the schlepping! They can’t charge enough!

I got to meet someone I have been following on IG for a couple of years, a real sweetheart! @austinpresssf.
[total side note: there are A LOT of churches in St. Helena & Calistoga]

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Beginning to reflect on the end of the year

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I thought it was a good idea + (TBD).

I wanted a part-time job for a number of reasons. I haven’t had a “real” job in ten years. [will fill you in on details after I know it will work out :-)]

It feels like one of the hardest things I have had to do in ages. Oh wait a minute, the mess left at cabin-in-woods was disturbing.

Is 2018 just a strange year? Not exactly complaining . . . wondering . . . .

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Firewood and fires

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.10.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.10.36 PM.png

How is it even possible my daughter was born almost 31 years ago? Her birthday is really November 26th, but she was born on Thanksgiving night. 

Been thinking about her as a newborn, when she was my entire life. missing that singleness of purpose. From where I am now sitting, I long for that pure simpleness. No need to ask if anything sparks joy. It all does in hindsight…

These photos were from one week ago. Firewood and smoke from unwanted fires. California is forever changed, maybe. 

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