Lots sparked joy at the Saint Helena holiday bazaar.

A soft focus photo of people milling in a booth at a holiday shopping bazaar, taking place in an old barn with high ceilings and exposed beams. Two women chat, a couple more people browse. There are wreaths and evergreen trees around.

There was A LOT that sparked joy at the Saint Helena holiday bazaar.
I especially loved the super high barn ceiling!

What a difference in the quality of stuff when the patrons have $$$. Is it fair? I don’t know—it’s the way the world rolls. I hope the makers are making a ton of money! All the work involved in the making the stuff, packaging, marketing, let alone all the schlepping! They can’t charge enough!

I got to meet someone I have been following on IG for a couple of years, a real sweetheart! @austinpresssf.
[total side note: there are A LOT of churches in St. Helena & Calistoga]

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