What are the benefits of living in an organized & decluttered home?

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There are some obvious benefits of living in an organized home, which include:

  • being able to find the car keys.

  • being able to find everything else too.

  • not having to look at that overflowing stack of junk mail.

  • not tripping over stuff on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  • no need to buy duplicates because you can't find that thing you know you bought that one time.

  • it's easier to get dressed in the morning.

But while the benefits themselves may be obvious, their effects on your life can be astonishing:

  • "This has lead to new habits of clearing off my surfaces, putting my clothes away at night, laying out my clothes, and getting enough rest - things I just never cared about because my space (physical and psychic) was so cluttered."

  • "...sort my priorities, focus on how to get the most done in the least amount of time..."

  • "...making the space more efficient..."

  • "...moved me into a lighter and brighter way of living."

  • "I know where things are, and my home feels more livable and less like a prison."

We have a tendency to push off decluttering & organizing our homes until we have time - because life feel too chaotic, we're too busy, we don't have the time right now.

But the thing about organizing your home is that it doesn't just effect what physically happens in you home, it ripples throughout your whole life. Making everything in your life better.

When you're not scrambling to find your car keys, it changes your whole day.

And having an organized home is about more than just knowing where the keys are, it changes how you feel, and how you approach life.