First night staying in Noyo Canyon

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 7.47.51 PM.png

8:08 pm and tiny bit of light left.

First night staying in Noyo Canyon, at a friend’s cozy cabin with warm water and electricity. I am trying not to turn lights on. What would it be like to go to bed this early?

Started phase two of cleaning the inside of cabin. After I made sure to have plenty of provisions. I am a new convert to Costco — grass fed beef jerky, coconut chips with seeds, bottled Starbucks mocha — I am not going to be picky about how I get my caffeine without a stove.

Will see how the scaffolding works to clean those high places. Maybe, fingers crossed, cleaning will do the trick and it won’t be necessary to repaint the rafters and ceiling.

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