How to Get the Support You Need While You Declutter (and why you need it in the first place)

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Why is it so important to have support while you're organizing anyway?

At it's worst, decluttering and organizing can be a completely overwhelming and paralyzing experience.

It can be so overwhelming that we avoid it - in favor of just about anything else. Or we organize everything perfectly with the best of intentions to keep it organized - only to get disheartened when everything slides back into chaos. Or we start decluttering marathon - only to loose steam one room in.

But what if organizing your home didn't have to be overwhelming or paralyzing?

What if it could be, sort of, fun? Not like vacation fun - but, at least, enjoyable?

There are three elements to making organizing and decluttering not suck. They are:
1. cheerleading.
2. accountability.
3. clear headedness.

We need cheerleading because at some point in the process, you're going to feel it's all for nothing. Having someone to give us a little pep talk can give us the encouragement we need to keep going can make all the difference between finishing your organizing project or not. Sometimes all we need to keep going is the knowledge that someone is in our corner cheering us on.

We need accountability because at some point in the process, you're going to get distracted, or not want to finish what you started. Sometimes cheerleading isn't enough, and we need someone to stop us from just shoving all our piles of stuff under the bed, or in the closet.

And we clear headedness because at some point in the process, you're going to get so wrapped up in your own head that you can't think straight. Decluttering and organizing can be an intense process, bringing up all sorts of emotional gunk, so sometimes we need someone to keep a clear head while we mourn the single sock that used to make up one half of our favorite pair of socks.

Cheerleading. Accountability. Clear Headedness. This is the clutter busting, organizational trifecta of support, and we all need all 3, at some point in our successful organizing process. They are the forms of organizing support that I provide for my clients, and are the keys to getting the supportive support you need while you declutter & organize your home.

So that's WHY we need support, but HOW to get the support you need?

There are many places you can get the support you need, and who you turn to for support is best determined by you.

Your decluttering & organizing support system could come from:
1. your friends or family.
2. an online community.
3. a book.
4. a method.
5. a movement.
6. even a professional organizer (like me!)

Exactly where you get your support from doesn't matter - no place of support is objectively "better" or "worse" than any other. So get the form (or forms) of support that will work best for you.

As long as you get cheerleading, accountability, and clear headedness, you're good to go!

(If you think a professional organizer might be the right form of support for you, I talk more about the process and how the whole thing works here.)

Jane Dolan

Jane founded Jane Organizes in 2008 after a 20-year stint at a Design + Build firm in San Francisco. Jane loves working with rebels and dreamers, co-creating homes they will love. The KonMari Method™ is Jane's organizing tool of choice, after drinking the elixir in 2014.