Getting more than Swedish meatballs at IKEA


I had no plans to see the Warriors versus Cavaliers basketball game tonight — the first game of the NBA playoffs.

But I couldn’t put off going to IKEA any longer. To finish my cabinets I need a few more glass shelves. I figured people would be watching the NBA playoffs and absent from IKEA.

The televisions were turned on to the game in the make-believe living rooms. I plunked myself down on a couch and was immediately mesmerized by LeBron James. Apparently I am not a diehard Warriors fan. I wanted LeBron to win.

LeBron is a Greek god + is married to his high school sweetheart + is the father of three children + grew up in Ohio.

To witness the sheer power and beauty of LeBron trumped any team. Sorry Warriors.

And guess what? IKEA was sold out of glass shelves. Ha!



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