Napa + Doctor Visit

The Fork, Copia, Napa

The Fork, Copia, Napa

Wow is Napa Valley especially beautiful in the Spring time. I don’t drink wine but I eat food.

After a trip to my favorite charity shop yesterday. (I scored! My new treasures added to the TBD need-place-to-live pile.)

I like to people watch (and eat food and drink coffee) at Oxbow Market.

The photographs above are at Copia, originally built as a center/museum to food and wine (don’t quote me, I am fuzzy on the facts), now part of the Culinary Institute of America. I just took the photos of The Fork sculpture. But I don’t have an opinion whether it is “art.”

I also had a procedure to take out skin cancer on my collar bone area. I didn’t want to ask how big the incision was going to be—I will see soon enough—I had to get it done—I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to the doctor/dentist. The doctor is a kind, gentle soul—thank goodness—sensitive to my needle and pain anxiety. If I have a choice, I will take a bunch of small things happening, as opposed to a catastrophe, thank you. I know more stuff is bound to go awry with passing time.  Here today, gone tomorrow. Twenty years? No one knows . . .



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Many Forks make up The Fork

Many Forks make up The Fork

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