Putting together my outdoor kitchen

My outdoor living area, it's a work in progress — obviously 🙄

My outdoor living area, it's a work in progress — obviously 🙄

"Once a hippie, always a hippie."

My sister Anne said those words to me a few years ago. I don’t think she meant it as a compliment, but also not necessarily a slam, more like a statement of fact. Of course I wanted to argue. But if Hippie = Freedom, I am in.

Hippies like to be outside, right? I like to be outside, in my own world, on my piece of dirt.

As I put my new place together, I’m reflecting a lot about choices I made (or did not make) especially having to with money. I don’t want to be broke or worry about money. But I have never been able to put a fire under myself and be concerned with making money.  It seems as if you were born with it or not. As with everything else I guess? Sexual preference, etc.

I would rather cook outside than in a Subzero/Wolf/Carrera Marble Kitchen.

That's not 100% true: I love Carrera Marble. I can get a piece for my outside kitchen.



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