Progress is often very (very) messy


 It's always one step forward, two steps backwards.

I took advantage of The Container Store’s June Elfa Special: free installation, and as a professional organizer, they gave me a discount.

It took me awhile to love The Container Store, I didn’t want to fall for a store that sells a bunch of stuff, but wow—that stuff comes in handy! What won me over is their customer service. I am old-fashioned (aka OLD) and like to touch things before buying. I strongly dislike returning things, especially if it involves re-packing and taking it somewhere for shipping. No thanks to that hassle.

Today was the installation of the system I got. So I had to move a bunch of stuff, yet again. Now it's time to tackle the project of sound proofing the closet area. I need to cut up super thick foam, glue it to the bottom of staircase, and then try to hide the foam with fabric.

My front yard is a disaster zone again. Until Saturday.



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