Tackling the Komono Category (Miscellaneous)

Miscellaneous tools and hardware laid out in the hallway of one of Jane’s organizing clients, as they work through the komono (miscellaneous) category of the KonMari Organizing Method.

Sometimes you can’t complete the KonMari process before you move. Which is a bummer. You have to move hundreds of pounds of stuff you never ever will use, up how many flights of stairs? Ouch.

But you know that’s how it goes. You can do only so much.

But moving can also be an excellent opportunity to go through the KonMari process. It can be motivation to go through your miscellaneous items and get to make a choice. Cherish and keep. Or thank and release items to a new home. A place they will be cherished.

Then your life is going to get a heck of a lot better.

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Jane Dolan

Jane founded Jane Organizes in 2008 after a 20-year stint at a Design + Build firm in San Francisco. Jane loves working with rebels and dreamers, co-creating homes they will love. The KonMari Method™ is Jane's organizing tool of choice, after drinking the elixir in 2014.