Take It or Leave It

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I want to be that person who with full abandon puts on a dress before going out in the world. A dress looks feminine and happy. A dress is well put together look in a non-fussy way.

Who am I kidding, I reach for a variation on the blue jean theme every day - the variation being different is color of t-shirt and sweater.

I had high hopes that I would finally wear this cute striped dress - what a perfect place: Palm Springs Film Festival.

I tell clients: Get the donation bag out ASAP and do not look in the bag again! I had not immediately dropped off my full donation bag to the Goodwill. I peaked inside and pulled out the dress. I should follow my advice.

I could not forget that perky little dress that had some of my favorite colors of sunny yellow and oranges green and purples. I could not forget it was still waiting for me to give it another chance. What colors do I usually wear? Neutrals: blacks, grays and browns.

I only had worn the dress once and that was months ago. Though do not think it’s relevant for everyone, I don’t like to own a piece of clothing unless it gets used once a month.

By this time I have almost perfected the art of packing only necessary items. Tip: Lay out items you think you want to bring and then divide in half. I still overestimated what I will in reality wear. I would be happy wearing the same thing every day - as long as I have well designed shoes, a fresh manicure, and decent accessories.

I packed the striped dress knowing I would leave it behind, on to a more willing model, if I did not wear it.

I did not wear it. I don’t love it. I don’t feel comfortable in bright stripes. I most likely will never wear a dress.

I am more resolved to have only what I love to wear in my closet.

[Just returned from dropping off a selection of beautifully tailored and colored outfits to the consignment store. I never wear those outfits. With the direction: if not sold, please donate.]

I know whatever memories might be important do not live in that item. If I want to be reminded of an event, time of life, painful lesson learned, I will open my digital wardrobe file and have a good laugh at myself.

Jane Dolan

Jane founded Jane Organizes in 2008 after a 20-year stint at a Design + Build firm in San Francisco. Jane loves working with rebels and dreamers, co-creating homes they will love. The KonMari Method™ is Jane's organizing tool of choice, after drinking the elixir in 2014.