“The Worst Enemy to Creativity Is Self Doubt.” -Sylvia Plath


This is Richelle aka Red Scorpio, my friend + accountability buddy. Our latest challenge is the May Daily Diary.

We met at CreativeLive over four years ago. We were both members of a participatory audience. Those were fun years at CreativeLive. I cannot remember if it was a Tara Swiger or April Bowles class where we first met.

We started as accountability buddies and became friends along the way. We don’t talk that often on phone, let alone see each other in person. Richelle is one of the people you don’t need to talk to often—because when you do, it’s as if no time has passed.

Richelle is creativity galore, always trying new materials. The necklace I am wearing is one of her creations — beads and a secret resin process — she offered to make something using one of my stamped quotes. [Unfortunately you can see zero detail in my heavily processed photo 😮].  It’s a great conversation started — everyone reads it and nods their head.

Thanks Richelle!



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Jane founded Jane Organizes in 2008 after a 20-year stint at a Design + Build firm in San Francisco. Jane loves working with rebels and dreamers, co-creating homes they will love. The KonMari Method™ is Jane's organizing tool of choice, after drinking the elixir in 2014.