The resistance is strong

Seeing these vessels’ shapes spark joy.

Seeing these vessels’ shapes spark joy.

Thinking long and hard about deferred decision making (or no decision making)

Yikes! I have to practice what I teach—stuff left around most likely means a deferred decision (not wanting to make a decision 😀).

I have been stumped deciding where my stuff should have it’s home. I would rather be in limbo than decide a place is “good enough.”

You know what that means? I can put off getting to the things that mean more to me. Or I have thought they mean more to me. Or do they?

If I was willing to be honest with myself, I would admit that, if I am not treating them as a priority = how important are they?

Interesting . . . the resistance, the saboteur, whatever name works for you, is strong. Busted!



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