Time to unpack again

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One of these photos not like the others.

Never-mind the walls—that can be worked on later. Now it’s time to put stuff away (again). Six months ago I could not predict I would only be using the Berkeley place for a short time. But it never could work in the long run as it was too dang small. I have so much stuff to make things, but not enough room to make anything.

The best thing about my new space is Light, everywhere. The location suits me — this walk is only two or three miles away. And Quiet, I can let down. 

Jane Diaries

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Jane Dolan

Jane founded Jane Organizes in 2008 after a 20-year stint at a Design + Build firm in San Francisco. Jane loves working with rebels and dreamers, co-creating homes they will love. The KonMari Method™ is Jane's organizing tool of choice, after drinking the elixir in 2014.