Watermelons + Marshmallows - embracing the contrast


One good thing about not having a car is I am forced to get around on my own two feet or bicycle wheels. For past two days I've taken over 15,000 steps each day.

Walking to Whole Foods this evening for a watermelon, I caught a glimpse of this stylish young woman waiting for a bus. A noteworthy and rare sighting in Berkeley.

I am the marshmallow. I went to my first weight training today at the downtown YMCA. Light and easy to begin, or else trouble. Last night took my first Zumba class. I never gave much thought to Zumba until I heard the creators on the NPR podcast “How I Built This” — what a story! [Just in case you don’t know: “How I Built This” interviewed Kate + Andy Spade in 2017 & replayed it last week in remembrance].

I had to laugh at myself during the dance class — I caught maybe 2% of the steps, but I also knew it didn’t matter. Zumba is about the joy of music and moving your body.



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