How we work together

Marie Kondo (left) and Jane Dolan (right), with Marie Kondo's bestelling book   The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo (left) and Jane Dolan (right), with Marie Kondo's bestelling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Working together is a simple process where I come to you, and walk you through how we’re going to take back your space so you can relax and enjoy yourself again. I’ll support you the entire way, so we can create the kind of organization and redesign of your space that gives you peace of mind every time you walk into it. 

Using Marie Kondo's KonMari Method™ I help you get to the root of chaos and clutter, and eliminate stress points once and for all. (I’ve use Marie’s methods for years – as well as studying under her in the KonMari certification program, and becoming a Certified KonMari Consultant – so I’ll be able to help you put her principles into practice in your space.)

We’ll work side-by-side to make your home joyful again - transforming your space into something that makes you genuinely happy every day. Once you live in a joy filled space, you won't go back to a cluttered life, and you’ll be free to do the things you really want to do.

Getting started is super straightforward.

There are three steps to taking back your space, and on this page I’ll explain how each of them works.

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Step 1 - Book Initial (No-Cost) Consult

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Once you book your initial phone consult I’ll call you and get to know “where you are with your space.” Calls generally run 15-20 minutes or so, and by the end we’ll get you breathing easier and looking at your space with hopeful possibility (even if right now, it may seem overwhelming).

I’ll also leave you with a few specific, practical steps you can take right away for managing the process of transforming your space in a way that feels achievable for you.

Past clients have referred to this initial consult as a “hope and relief” call, so if you need some of that hope & relief in your space, it’s just a click away. :)

Step 2 - Home Visit & Action Plan

What's Included

The 1st Session
  • Home Visit + Tour + Storage Assessment
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • "Before Photos"
  • Signature KonMari Folding Lesson
  • Action Plan Development

At the end of our phone call, if you’re ready to move forward, I'll give you all the details about how to book your first in-person organizing session. 

Then, between the call and that session, I’ll send you an email with a few easy questions that will help us prep and get the most out of our in-person time together.


First we'll look at your space, find out what's most important to getting you organized, and get a sense of what changes will make you feel more full of joy right from the start. I’ll tour your space, take a few “before” photos, and get a comprehensive understanding of what will make the process a success for you.

Then we'll dive in – starting the process of getting you organized and creating more delight-filled spaces in your life.

(I’ll even teach you Marie Kondo’s simple clothes-folding technique that can free up an amazing amount of storage space for you overnight!) 

This first session begins at 10am and ends at 3:00pm with a quick break for lunch, (and additional breaks throughout the day as needed).


We'll look at where you are, where you want to be, and create a game plan for taking back the rest of your space. I'll create a Simple Action Plan for you so you won't feel overwhelmed, and then together we'll decide the best way to execute that game plan.

We’ll also decide on which follow up package would work best for you and your organizing project (more details below).

By the end of this first session you'll know your exact next steps so you can feel in charge of your space again.

Step 3 – Follow-Up Organizing Sessions

What happens next will fall into one of two categories, depending on what your priorities are when it comes to organizing:

  • Working through the KonMari Method™ until all the clutter is out of your house, and everything in your space passes the “sparks joy” test, or

  • Working through a specific space in your house (a home office, a closet, an attic, etc.)  

We’ll accomplish either of these by scheduling additional follow-up sessions. Like your initial Home Visit session, all follow-up sessions are five hours long - beginning at 10am, and ending at 3:00pm. (Note: if you need a custom timeframe, please contact me, and we'll find something that works for both our schedules.)


At the end of your Initial Home Visit session, we'll talk about how you want to move forward, and what package will fit best for you. 

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Of course, every individual project is unique, and everyone make decisions about their possessions at different speeds - so what takes one person one session may take another person two or three. I'll give you suggestions based on my professional opinion, and how quickly we moved through things in the first session.

If we're working through the KonMari Method™ together, I generally recommend between 2 to 6 sessions to complete the whole process.

Regardless of what kind of project you choose to work together on, we will take back your space and transform it into something you truly enjoy being in – every single day.

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To get started, schedule a call with me!

If you’re interested in organizing your space and making it everything you’d always hoped it would be, let’s chat for a few minutes to see if we’re a good fit for tackling this together!

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“I did not realize when we began that my entire room would become a sweet little dressing room rather than a junk room/office... This has lead to new habits of clearing off my surfaces, putting my clothes away at night, laying out my clothes, and getting enough rest - things I just never cared about because my space (physical and psychic) was so cluttered.”
— dk haas, San Francisco
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How to Get Started Today

It's painless. Simply schedule your FREE "hope and relief" call today.