Rates & Packages

How Does It Work?

First, contact me to schedule your FREE Hope & Relief Call.

Then prepay & book your Initial New Client Session.

After that, breath a sigh of relief - help is on the way.

If you need more organizational help after your first session, then just...

1. Choose your package.

2. Prepay for you sessions.

3. Book your appointment(s).


Pre-Appointment "Hope & Relief" Call

Before we begin working together we'll hop on a 20 minute free call together.

On the call we’ll get a sense of where you are, and what you need. I’ll give you some initial advice to take the overwhelm away and make getting organized feel a lot more doable. My clients have taken to calling these "hope & relief" calls because we start creating a plan of action right away - which helps alleviate the feelings of helplessness & chaos that a disorganized environment can cause - leaving you with a sense of hope & a feeling of relief. :)

Contact me to schedule your FREE call!

Initial New Client Session - $475

One 5-hour session for first time clients. All new clients start with this.

In this session, we create get a sense of what you need, create an action plan, and get started.

We'll start by walking through your space, uncovering what’s causing you stress, and what needs to happen to make your space feel like your own again. I'll ask all the right questions and together we'll get to the heart of the matter. So that I can help you find the fastest and easiest ways to turn your current situation into one you absolutely love – where everything is where you want it to be and your space functions exactly as you hoped it would.

Then we'll come up with an action plan and get started with the stickiest bits, so that you have support on hand while tackling the toughest parts.

one 5-hour Initial New Client Session | Prepay for you Session | Book your appointment!

Finished your initial session, but want support getting through the rest of your action plan?
Choose from one of the following flexible packages.

1 Clutter-Buster Session - $475

Perfect for tacking a particular space together – a closet, kitchen, bedroom, whatever you’d like.  These focused sessions get all the heavy lifting out of the way so you don’t have to think about it again, and are a great way to make a big difference fast.

one 5-hour session | Prepay for your session | Book your appointment!

2 Clutter-Buster Sessions - $850

Perfect for getting through a couple rooms, OR one particularly large & cluttered room with all the accompanying piles, closets & junk drawers.

two 5-hour session | Prepay for your session- Save $100 | Book your appointment!

3 Clutter-Buster Sessions - $1175

Excellent for tackling a whole apartment, garage, or storage shed.

three 5-hour session | Prepay for your session- Save $250 | Book your appointment!

4 Clutter-Buster Sessions - $1500

Spread them out over the course of a month, or lump them together into an intense week or two of clearing out - this package is particularly great if you've had stuff accumulating over decades without ever having done a really good cleaning out, if you've just moved and want to start your new home off on the right foot, or if you want to deeply implement a new household organizational system.

four 5-hour session | Prepay for your session - Save $400 | Book your appointment!

Additional Hours - $95 per additional hour

Each individual session is 5 hours long, we start at 10:00am and end at 3:00pm, with brief breaks for lunch, snacks and regrouping as needed.

In some cases that task at hand might be a bit more than we can accomplish in 5 hours, but not so much that it'll take a whole other session to complete, in these instances you can add additional hours to your appointment, for $95 per hour.

If think the task at hand might benefit from an additional hour or two, but are not sure, please contact me first. That way we can add some tentative additional hours to your appointment. Sometimes things don't take as long as we assume they will.

add 1, 2, or 3 additional hours to your Clutter-Busting Session | Prepay | Book your appointment!