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Hear what clients have to say in their own words...

I've been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing clients over the years. Hear what they have to say about their experiences organizing their homes & lives. Together we've organized closets, bedrooms, home offices, whole households, moving, and lifetimes of accumulated possessions.

My organizational philosophy is centered around joy - joy for your space, joy for your possessions, joy for yourself, and also joy for the process.

"Find room for what you love. Find room. Find room to move. Find room for your room. Find room for more than mediocre, for the present instead of the past, for more than "but I already have this."

"In my own space is where I lose my way. Jane has said to me that some of our minds are too creative to sit down and do this stuff on our own. I reached a place over the last few years, so much change, so much emotion, that I never filled my space with what I loved because I already "had" something that fit the purpose. Unfortunately what I had was also what was killing me.

"With Jane there, with her direct, restrained, compassionate way of working, of seeing where my blind spots and where my tension lies with my own stuff, ready to take over and do for me what I could not do for myself -- with her there, I could come to realize that my space wasn't about what I thought it was.

"I imagine for each person it must be different because our spaces are the most personal, the most emotional, and Jane could be this understanding outside eye, with deep wisdom about organizing and about artists that makes her work intuitive and clear. That way I could see that I need for my space to become about love.

"Colors, textures, cycles, movement, flexibility, renewal -- for it to feel like love again, and that it's ok when it stops feeling that way, that there's enough space for it to become love again and again."

- S. A. , Berkeley &  Europe, mostly Germany

"I didn't even know how bad and messy and disorganized my life was before I started working with Jane. Later, when I saw the 'before' pictures I was amazed that I had been living in such chaos and clutter - clothes pouring out of my closet, hooks heavy with bags belts and scarves I hadn't worn in years, the floor piled with so many shoes and bags I could not walk into my closet. Jane never judged me, or made me feel embarrassed, she just encouraged me to invest in the process.

"Once we began the sessions, I started to get excited about having less stuff and more space. I did not realize when we began that my entire room would become a sweet little dressing room rather than a junk room/office - but Jane's gentle encouragement helped me see that having a room of my own, free of clutter and stuff, is an extension of self care, good design, and a peaceful and serene life.

"This has lead to new habits of clearing off my surfaces, putting my clothes away at night, laying out my clothes, and getting enough rest - things I just never cared about because my space (physical and psychic) was so cluttered.

"Jane is kind, patient, skilled, and encouraging. Her sense of style and design all combine to make her someone I would recommend for any one needing a life design coach."

- dk haas, San Francisco

"I highly recommend Jane Organizes. Jane has an amazing ability to ask just the right questions, take a look at what feels like an overwhelming mess, and get right to the heart of the problems. She helped me to sort my priorities, focus on how to get the most done in the least amount of time, and was great helping with follow through. Jane also has a great eye for color and design, so your home or project will not only be organized but beautiful! Best of all, she is there not to judge but to help you get to work and get your house -- and your life! -- back. You will love how free you feel after working with her!"

- Karen, Owner Maison Violette

"Jane from Bad Ass Organizing is an amazing person to work with - don’t let the name scare you :-)

"I run my own business from home and realized that I needed some help in making the space more efficient so I could have 2 people work with me at home.

"Jane checked in with me in a supportive, non-nagging way - she kept me on track with the changes I wanted to make my space more streamlined and productive.

"Bad Ass Organizing + Design is super reliable. Ifelt Jane was respectful of the time and money I was willing to commit to my sanity.

"She's got an amazing sense for color and design and practicalities - and helped me pick out really cool organizing stuff, a better filing systems (that I am actually using) and made some great recommendations for furniture and paint color when we are ready for phase II of project!

"Plus, Jane helped me to stay on top of my to-do list, that seemed pretty huge and overwhelming at first - and helped me knock things off the list and came up with brilliant solutions that I never would have thought of myself.

"I tell everyone about her. She is awesome.... and a really cool person.  I loved working with her and would hire her again in a heartbeat."

- Henry G. Architect, Oakland, CA

"Highest kudos for Jane of Jane Organizes! Jane brilliantly coached my recent move with selfless energy and pearls of wisdom. It was great to have her along for the ride! She helped me sort through a heavy load of possessions, cutting to the chase of what's important to save and what's important to let go of, and moved me into a lighter and brighter way of living.

"And if you need help creating a yummy aesthetic environment, Jane's your girl. She's got spot on instinct for color and design, from flea market to modern.

"Jane will keep you energized and freshen your ideas about living, yet she never proselytizes. Bring it on!

"Jane Organizes brings the eye of a designer, the focus of a Samurai, and the compassion of a trusted friend to the things that matter most to me - peace of mind and beauty.  This sense of beauty is inner and outer, and Jane helps bring these forces into harmony by engaging with the whole person.

"Jane walks her talk, as she walks you through it.  The "it" is your own specific situation and your own unique brand of "you" - that is what Jane cares about.  That's why her approach works.  We all feel overwhelmed by the too many things in our life that can clutter our space. Jane helps you to clear the visual blocks and frees the space that is both outer and inner.  I know I breathe more easily after on of her gentle interventions."

- Tressa Berman, PhD. San Francisco & Los Angeles

"I sought Jane out for assistance since my "stuff" had built up over the years through several moves. I was at wits end. Jane calmed me down and provided me with a practical approach to master small tasks at a time, while being my constant cheerleader. While I'm not "finished" yet, I'm much more happy in my home. I know where things are, and my home feels more livable and less like a prison. I would highly recommend Jane for any organizational job to provide practicality without drama or judgment. Thank you Jane!"

- VV, Professional Banker, San Francisco

"I love you, Jane!

"The initial uphill push gave us great momentum and has been transformative--for this we are grateful!"

- A.S. San Francisco

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